Exercise and Quality Time: Couples Can Have Both!

by Dr. John Hart, LGMFT


Sometimes individuals struggle with wanting to spend time with their significant other – but many report not having either time to fit it in or that they and their partner are working on different time schedules. At the same time, individuals struggle with wanting to spend time doing some form of exercise in their daily (or weekly) routine – but many report being too busy to capitalize on such an idea.

The good news is that couples can consistently have both of these activities in their lives and the greater news is that they can engage in both activities at the same time. One big suggestion – take a walk together! 

Now, I’m sure you are laughing at such a simplistic suggestion but it actually makes sense. Walking doeswork – it is associated with important positive health outcomes (e.g., physical, mental, and social) for you and your partner and it is less expensive and time-consuming than “hitting the gym.” There is no need to go on a walk by yourself anymore – invite your partner to walk with you (and your pet if you’d like).

Walking with your partner will create a bonding experience and provide a positive atmosphere to engage each other in a different way. You both do not have to walk for a long time or at a brisk pace from day one – take your time, enjoy each other’s company, and embrace this lovely weather that is here to stay for some time.

Try brainstorming on those “pockets” of time throughout the day or week that may be good situations to exercise and spend quality time with your partner. They do exist – make sure to have fun and be creative with scheduling these “walk dates” with your partner. You’d be surprised how much available time you both have in common when you work on this activity.

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